Hawaii bottomfish research mission underway

SE1208 Daily Report

Research Project SE1208 began successfully on 9/19/12. The mission overview can be found at http://www.pifsc.noaa.gov/cruise/se1208.php.

The three PIFG Cooperative Fishing Vessels and the Sea Engineering contract vessel RV Huki Pono began their transit to our survey area off of Maui. All vessels reported a smooth transit.

BotCam and Hook & Line survey operations began on the morning of 9/20 in survey Box “B” off the south coast of Maui (Fig 1). The RV Huki Pono completed 14 successful BotCam deployments and recoveries in the center portion of Box “B” (Fig. 1). Two deployments were unsuccessful as the cameras stopped recording early while on the seafloor.

The PIFG cooperative fishing vessels sampled a total of 20 grids and reported good conditions with SW/SE winds of 10 knots. Each of the three vessels caught several several fish, some of which were tagged prior to release. Species caught included onaga (Etelis coruscans), ehu (Etelis carbunculus), opakapaka (Pristipomoides filamentosus), kahala (Serioli dumerili), and green eye sharks (Isistius brasiliensis).

Grid cells sampled to date:
PIFG Cooperative Fishing: 20
BotCam: 14
EK60 Active Acoustics: 0

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