Guam Boat Training

Chad Yoshinaga, Erik Norris, and Jamie Barlow worked with other NOAA offices, Guam EPA, and Guam Coastal Management Program to conduct a Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) and Open Water Module (OWM) on Guam. This is the first MOCC/OWM training taken to Guam and included various agencies from Guam. NOAA has worked with other agencies to conduct the training, most prominently Department of Interior, for a number of years. The primary purpose of the training is to give boat operators and crew members a foundation from which they can draw upon to operate boats safely and responsibly during field operations. Working with other agencies gives the added benefit of sharing personnel and resources to assist each other with field operations and use funding more efficiently.




A special thanks to Val Brown for all of her assistance.  We look forward to working with the people of Guam in the future.

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