NOAA Fisheries at Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival, October 7th

NOAA Fisheries Pacific Islands participated in the 7th Annual Hawaii Seafood and Fishing Festival this weekend which annually draws about 20,000 people. This year NOAA Fisheries had six booths illustrating the NOAA Fisheries mission in the central and western Pacific. PIFSC promoted science and research with an informational booth on bottomfish research that showed the community the high-tech tools used to survey deepwater fish and how the data is collected and interpreted.

PIFSC bottomfish surveys combine a range of techniques, include sonar (acoustics), bottom cameras and videa, as well as fishing by our partners to understand deepwater fish.

Another booth encouraged fishermen to use of barbless hooks as an alternative that has shown to decrease the interactions between fishermen and protected species.

Showing the keiki how to use a giant set of pliars to mash the barb on a traditional fishing hook to create a safer barbless hook

Four other booths were designed to bring NOAA Fisheries to the community. Our objectives were to highlight fisheries science and management we conduct and learn about fish and fisheries. We also wanted an opportunity to interact and communicate with NOAA Fisheries staff in an informal educational setting.

Among the activities available:

Catch a fish and learn about size limits and sustainable fishing
Learn about larval fish development by looking through microscopes and viewing masters with experts
Use fish models and specimen to learn about fish parts and species
Watch a short video and learn about the work of fisheries observers
Take a photo on a historic sampan with your catch and have it printed and framed

 — Aloha — Sam Pooley, director

NOAA Fisheries staffer promoting the “Picture yourself on an old aku boat” booth.

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