PIFSC draft Science Plan (2012)

The public is invited to provide comment on the PIFSC draft science plan through November 15th. The plan can be accessed off our homepage at:


Or directly at:


The intent of this plan is to organize, prioritize, and communicate our research and monitoring activities in a way that:

1) shows the full suite of research under three major themes so that the public, our key stakeholders, and our staff can see how the work of one part of the Center contributes to the Center as a whole and to our applied scientific information mission, and

2) identifies our strategic research and monitoring activities that address our key mandates, and although this is not a budget prioritization document, would be privileged under potentially restrictive budget scenarios.

This Science Plan will serve as guidance for decision-making within PIFSC, and within the NOAA Fisheries science enterprise, with the goal of increasing the transparency of these decisions both within the agency and in the public. We expect this plan, and the planning process it incorporates, including input from our stakeholders and the general public, help position PIFSC to meet these challenges by clearly stating our core and desired research activities, providing increased focus, and enabling a concentration of PIFSC resources to accomplish these goals.

Comments can be provided through our website at:


Mahalo for your consideration. – Sam Pooley, director

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