Student-Led Water Quality Monitoring at Manoa Valley Watershed

During the summer months of 2007-2010, the NOAA OceanWatch – Central Pacific office partnered with the University of Hawaii GEARUP program to provide under-represented minority students from Farrington High School with the opportunity of participating in the Mālama Ke Ahupua`a (to care for our watershed) summer program. This hands-on place-based multidisciplinary course took place within Mānoa Valley in the Ahupua`a O Kona (Mānoa watershed, O’ahu) with the objective of engaging students in scientific environmental studies while exploring Hawaii’s linkages between traditional knowledge, culture and science. The 3-week program allowed students to explore the course of Mānoa Stream throughout the valley and conduct a watershed assessment & water quality study with the use of specialized digital probes, GPS/GIS technology, sample collection materials, and laboratory-based water quality testing equipment. Through their scientific investigations and water sample analyses, the students documented numerous water quality changes along the stream from its origin in the Ko’olau mountain range through its end in the ocean off Waikiki. Overall, students observed decreased water quality levels as they traveled away from the source and towards the ocean. Following the analysis of the data and observations that they collected, the students attributed to urbanization effects and anthropogenic pollution sources.

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