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Researchers resurvey grounding site off south shore of O`ahu

By John Rooney Researchers from the PIFSC Coral Reef Ecosystem Division (CRED) recently completed a small-boat mission (SB-13-25) during which they resurveyed the grounding site of the USS Port Royal, which ran aground in February 2009 nearly 1 km south … Continue reading

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2014 PYSO Summer Internship Projects Listing Available!

To follow up on last month’s blog announcement for the upcoming 2014 PYSO Summer Internship, the listing of 2014 projects is now available for prospective applicants to refer to when drafting their statements of interest. The four projects for 2014 … Continue reading

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Seaglider recovery update!

The joint UH-PIFSC Seaglider launched off Kona in early December was recovered on 2 January 2014.  During its nearly month-long deployment, the Seaglider made 135 dives that spanned the entire length of the Kona coast and collected numerous recordings of … Continue reading

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