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Collecting fish counts and lengths from stereo-video systems

by William Misa, Audrey Rollo, and Jeff Anderson At the conclusion of a fishery-independent sampling methods cruise such as SE1402, videos collected from stereo-video systems (BotCam; AUV) are processed by optical analysts in the Science Operations Team. Fish identification, counts, … Continue reading

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Hermes Heads West

Sea Turtles can be caught, incidentally, in longline fishing gear throughout the world. Understanding the impacts of capture on their physiology and movements will help us develop methods to reduce interactions with long line gear and incidental capture, thus improving … Continue reading

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What’s on the Menu?

The Dinners of Yesteryear PIFSC researcher, Kyle Van Houtan is using a novel approach to add to his fisheries data. Recently, he examined menus from the 1900s to find out what types of fish and other marine species were being … Continue reading

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