Successful China/USA Sea Turtle Workshop Conducted in Hawaii

Nine Chinese scientists participated in an invitational China/USA Sea Turtle Workshop convened in Honolulu, Hawaii August 25-29, 2014. The workshop was conducted under the auspices of the Bilateral Living Marine Resources (LMR) initiative of NMFS Headquarters and the Chinese Academy of Fishery Science in Beijing. The official hosts and organizers for the workshop were George Balazs (PIFSC), Jeffrey Seminoff (SWFSC) and Thierry Work (USGS) who were assisted by John Wang, Shandell Brunson, and Denise Parker. The workshop was a direct result of an April 2012 LMR-sponsored sea turtle meeting in Shanghai attended by Balazs, Seminoff, and Wang.

Picture of participants from the China and USA Sea Turtle Workshop

Participants of the China/USA Sea Turtle Workshop in Hawaii August 25, 2014.

The Chinese scientists represented Hainan Island, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China. Four of the Chinese participants were university professors, three were government biologists, one was a graduate student, and one represented an NGO involved in research.

The workshop included a mixture of seminar presentations, dialogue, and hands-on field work with Hawaiian sea turtles. The activities were intended to foster information exchange and build bridges to develop ideas for future actions including collaborative research. Two of the several recommendations for continued cooperation consisted of a follow-up workshop in mainland China in 2015 and reciprocal China/USA visiting scientist exchanges. The workshop and sea turtle science (health assessments and foraging ecology) promoted person-to-person diplomacy and resulted in cross-cultural goodwill and cooperation between China and the USA.

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