2014 Summer Intern Symposium Video!

The 2014 Summer Intern Symposium at the NOAA IRC at Ford Island, Honolulu, Hawaii, now has a video, thanks to videographer Jessica Guillermo. Please check it out at the following url:


AGENDA — 2014 NOAA Summer Intern Symposium at the Inouye Regional Center Auditorium
1845 Wasp Boulevard, Ford Island, Honolulu, Hawaii 96818
Tuesday, 22 July, 2014, 10:00AM – 4:00PM
Name Home School NOAA Affiliation Mentor(s) Project Title
Christina Wine University of Hawaii at Hilo, Marine Science NMFS, PYSO T. Todd Jones Energy Flow Through Biological Systems 1
Olivia Hughes Washington College, Biology NMFS, NCCOS T. Todd Jones Energy Flow Through Biological Systems 2
Teresa Withee Bowdoin College, Economics NOS, Hollings Emily Gaskin The Value of Economics: Assessing Coastal Blue Carbon in the Hawaiian Islands
Alissa Phillips University of Akron, Biology OAR, Hollings Aidan Colton, John Barnes Mauna Loa Observatory and Climate Change
Charline Quenee University of Miami, Biology & Marine Science NOS, Hollings Allen Tom, Guerin Earhart, Emily Smail Public Perception of Marine Issues and Education Strategies at the Waikiki Aquarium
Jacob Tepper Oregon State University, Marine Biology NOS, Hollings Randall Kosaki, Daniel Wagner A Comparison Of Macrobenthic Organisms In Shallow-water And Mesophotic Coral Reef Ecosystems Of The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
Lyndsey King Coastal Carolina University, Marine Science NMFS, Hollings Robert Humphreys, Edward DeMartini Body Lengths at Median Reproductive Maturity for Two Commercially Valuable Reef Fish Species
Thomas Vaughan East Carolina University, Atmospheric Science NWS/OMAO, Hollings G. Carl Noblitt IV, Rashed Chowdhury Seasonal Rainfall Variability and Forecasts for the Hawaiian Islands
Jeppe Stig-Nielsen University of Wisconsin-Madison, Economics NMFS, PYSO Kolter Kalberg, Dawn Kotowicz The Supply Chain Risk Management of Wholesale Fish Buying in Response to a Fishery Closure.
Nadia Tenouri University of South Florida, Marine/Biological Conservation NMFS, Hollings David Itano Fish Forever
Alice Chapman Williams College, Chemistry & Geosciences NMFS, PYSO Bernardo Vargas-Angel, Paula Misa Processing of Calcification Accretion Units Retrieved from 2013 NWHI RAMP Cruise
Heidi Hansen University of California Berkeley, Marine Science NMFS, PYSO Reka Domokos The Deep Seven: Improved Identification of Bottomfish Using Active Acoustics
Taylor Heckman Willamette University, Biology NMFS Angie Kaufman Hawaiian Monk Seal Health and Disease Program
Alexander Fontes Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Information Technology NOS, Hollings Robert O’Conner Geospatial Data Librarian
Michino Hisabayashi Clark University, Geography NOS, Marsh-Mosakowski Fellowship Douglas Harper, Robert O’Conner NOAA’s Sentinel Site Program and Habitat Blueprint – from observation to stewardshiptial
Jessica Lillquist Smith College, Environmental Science & Policy NOS, NCCOS (Agnes Shedd Andrae Fellowship) Douglas Harper NOAA’s Sentinel Site Program, Hawaii Cooperative: Climate change – from observation to stewardship
Anna Campbell Smith College, Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation NOS, Hollings Douglas Harper, Eloise Lee, Michael Pai Digital Storytelling for the Environment

For the overall event that day we thank the following:
• Presenters for their excellent presentations, and mentoring staff for allowing their interns to participate and preparing a few words to say following each talk.
• Jeff Hare, Mark Merrifield, and UHM JIMAR for sponsoring the PYSO program and for flying in one presenter from the Big Island.
• PYSO Committee and Oversight Group for support: Donald Kobayashi, Bernardo Vargas-Angel, Russell Watkins, Michael Parke, Dawn Kotowicz, Melanie Abecassis, Darryl Tagami, Huihua Lee, Erin Oleson, Maire Cahoon, Susan Kamei, Jeff Hare, Kevin Higaki.
• Donald Kobayashi for recruiting presenters, creating agenda, providing badges & snacks, and organizing the symposium.
• Jeff Hare for his opening JIMAR comments.
• Keoni Kuoha and his NOS PMNM team for performing the oli wehena “Puka Mai ka Lā i Kumukahi”.
• Deborah Yamaguchi for making our flyers and poster.
• Patty Miller for auditorium reservation, loan of easel, and other logistical support.
• Maire Cahoon for designing and making the name tags for presenters.
• PIFSC HALEA and Seminar Committee for providing the coffee and tea.
• Lucy Kaneshiro and PSD for loaning their cart.
• Shandell Brunson, Ed DeMartini, Erin Oleson, and Matthew Vandersande for moderating sessions.
• Wayde Higuchi for lending his personal camcorder for us to make a symposium video.
• Huihua Lee and Maire Cahoon for videoing the symposium.
• Evan Howell, Leonora Fukuda, Ron Yoshimoto for IT assist.
• Chad Sugimoto for setting up the WebEX session.
• Melanie Abecassis for compiling PowerPoints, overseeing presentation laptop, and other AV logistics.
• Matthew Vandersande and HuiHua Lee for Q&A microphone duty.
• Laila Siaris for expediting the access permits for off-site visitors and FN clearance.
• Steve Gallagher for advertising our event IRC-wide.
• PIFSC division chiefs and other supervisors for allowing their staff to participate.
• Sam Pooley for his opening and closing PIFSC comments and for staying all day!


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